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Top 7 Things PPSOs Must Know Before Using the Defense Personal Property System (DPS)

  • When logging into DPS:
    • 1. If an "Authentication Error" notification is received while accessing the Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA) portal, contact the System Response Center (SRC) Help Desk Toll Free Number (800) 462-2176 for assistance.
    • 2. Remember, the Pop Up Blocker must be turned off for DPS to function properly.
  • While using DPS:
    • 3. If you receive the 'DPS Core Error" or "Unable to Process Last Request" error message while in a module, do the following:
      • Clear Internet cache
      • Log out of DPS
      • Log completely out of ETA
      • Log Back into ETA and DPS
      • If the problem persists, call the SRC at (800) 462-2176 (option 5) for assistance.
    • 4. If you receive a "Timed Out" message:
      • a. Click on any other Tab at the top of the screen
      • b. After the other Tab loads, click back on the Home Tab.
      • c.If the Home Tab does not load, log out of DPS.
      • d. then log completely out of ETA.
      • e. Call the SRC for assistance.
    • 5. For Misconsigned Shipments please contact
      • SDDC Operations (618-220-5484, DSN 770-5484 or email for assistance.
    • 6. If while attempting a Standard SF 1200 GBL Correction Notice you receive the message "Invalid Query Snapshot Error"
      • a. Click on another Tab, then after it loads reattempt to initiate the GBL Correction Notice.
      • b. If that fails, call the SRC for further assistance.
    • 7. Change Shipment Status
      • a. PPSOs now have the ability to perform Shipment Data Corrections in DPS. PPSOs can roll back shipments one status at a time. For example, shipment status roll back from SIT@Dest to Arrived or from Arrived back to In-transit, etc.

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Regular System Maintenance

DPS is regularly unavailable the 3rd Friday of the month from 9:00 PM to Saturday 1:00 AM Central Time for routine system maintenance.