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PPSO Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQ questions and answers on this page are provided by the DPS System Response Center to assist PPSOs with commonly asked questions and to provide a knowledgebase of hints and tips regarding DPS. If you have any questions about these FAQs, please contact the DPS System Response Center at (800) 462-2176 or DSN 770-7332.
    • Please check the Consignment Guide (PPCIG) to ensure that the city selected is in the geographic area (inbound and/or outbound) for that specific GBLOC.
    • The code of service for shipment that has already been routed cannot be changed. If the shipment has not picked up, cancel shipment and re-book. If shipment has been picked up, contact DPS Tier 1,, for a DATAFIX.
    • You must have an "Outbound Supervisor" or "Outbound" role to perform this function. Select cancellations/terminations in the Shipment Management module, then enter the GBL number, and click on the cancel shipment link.
    • Please Contact your local Transportation Office for guidance.
    • This is a new Edit capability available to the PPSOs. See "What's New" above. If the edit capability does not function, please open a service request with DPS Tier 1,, to have the LOW removed. In a future release of DPS, the PPSO Quality Assurance (QA) Role will be able to rescind both a LOW and suspension under QA Management without requiring a data fix by DPS Tier 3.
    • DPS currently does not allow updates to previous inputted inspection if the time that the QA wants to input the change is outside the below:
      • Origin PPSO QA can only input inspections after the premove survey is completed and before the shipment is picked up.
      • DEST PPSO QA can only input inspections after the shipment is in a delivered/complete status. Once the shipment is in a delivered/completed status they have 15 days to complete the inspection.
      • When a customer delivers outside of the original state the PPSO will place the entire address including the city and state in the Primary Street address block. The City and State blocks will still reflect incorrectly.
      • The TSP will then select the appropriate 210 Item code from the 400NG to bill for the delivery out of SIT portion.
      • PPSO's should only be using the diversion function if the shipment is changing from an OCONUS TO CONUS or vice versa.
      • If the customer has received orders changing the destination (example from CA to NV) the PPSO can terminate the shipment in CA for instance and re-create a new shipment from CA to NV which is okay because the customer has received new orders.
      • PPSOs should not create a new shipment for a delivery outside of the original state whether the destination Installation is the same or not.
      • If the destination Installation is not the same a HDT will need to be created through the DPS Help Desk or via the https://www.SDDC-SRCHelpme.comwebsite and escalated for the destination GBLOC to be changed so the new responsible destination Inbound can view it in their queue.
    • PPSO should terminate the shipment GBL and rebook the shipment using a different TSP that has rates on file for the new destination.
      • Only PPCIG Managers can make changes or update the PPCIG for their PPSO.
      • Log into DPS and select the Consignment Guide.
      • Click the ppso/PPPO Info tab, then the Counseling Office sub tab, which will allow you to edit and delete existing Counseling Office Information, as well as add new Counseling Office Information.
      • To edit existing Counseling Office Information, Click the Edit icon to the right of the Counseling Office Name. To delete Counseling Office Information, click the Delete icon.
      • To add new Counseling Office Information, enter the Counseling Office Name in the field at the bottom of the screen and click the Add icon (the Edit Counseling Office Information page appears). Next, enter data into the General Info fields, click sign and click the Submit button.
      • To edit contact information for the counseling office, click the Edit button to the right of the contact information that you want to update (emails, phones, or faxes). The Edit Counseling Office Email, Phone, and Fax Information page appears.

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