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Service Member/Civilian Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQ questions and answers on this page are provided by the DPS System Response Center to assist DPS customers with commonly asked questions and to provide a knowledgebase of hints and tips regarding DPS. If you have any questions about these FAQs, please contact the DPS System Response Center at (800) 462-2176 or DSN 770-7332.
  • ETA (Login and Password)
    • The permanent contact address is an address that can be used to contact you, regardless of where you are in the moving process.
    • Please log into DPS select "Shipment Management" tab. To review your shipments, click the Shipment(s) and Status link and the Customer Shipments Main Page appears. Select 'Shipments and Status and in the "Customer Shipments Main Page" the Shipments List look under the Current Status column.
    • Please type the first four letters of the city without clicking "Find" or using the "Enter" key. The city will appear in alphabetical order based upon the state you are searching. Select the correct city and continue with the self-counseling process.
    • No, you must contact the TMO office to change pick-up dates under all circumstances including change of orders.
    • The date begins the moment the shipment has been delivered to your residence.
    • If you do not receive payment within 30 days, you can transfer a settled claim to your MCO after you have made reasonable attempts to rectify this with the TSP.
    • Prior to creating a claim, the shipment status must read "Delivered Complete" Users can reference page 48 of the DOD Customer Claims User Guide under the Training Tab and/or use the create Claims tool on the Claims Home page. Please remember select SUBMIT in order to file your claim.
    • DPS tracks the status of each claim. While preparing a claim, its status is "In Progress". This permits the DOD Customers to accumulate all necessary information during multiple DPS sessions and defer claim submission until everything is complete. Once the claim information is complete, the DOD Customer submits the claim. This changes the status of the claim to "Submitted". DOD Customers or the TSP can add or modify claim information while status is "Submitted".
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DPS is regularly unavailable the 3rd Friday of the month from 9:00 PM to Saturday 1:00 AM Central Time for routine system maintenance.