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  • Marine Corps Home of Record Separation Information

  • Marines who separate under the conditions specified in the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) paragraph 5320, are generally entitled to travel and shipment of household goods to the Home of Record/Place Entered Active Duty and/or storing Household Goods (HHG) in Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) at origin for 180 days from the official date of separation.

    Extensions must meet the prerequisites of the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) paragraph 5320-G4 (hardship cases). MCO 4600.39, Chapter 6, paragraph 1.d. applies as follows:

    d. Extensions to Time Limit for Shipment of Household Goods

    (1) In cases where an unexpected event beyond the Marine's control occurs which prevents turning over HHG within the authorized time limit specified in Chapter 6, paragraph 1, subparagraph c of this Order, above, a request for additional time may be submitted in writing, via electronic means to or telephonic request by the PPO or the Marine to the CMC (LPD-2) for processing at least 30 calendar days prior to expiration of the shipping entitlement. Note that if the Marine has submitted a DD 1351-2 for travel pay and has been paid, the address assigned to the DD 1351-2 is now "fixed" to the address selected for travel and transportation entitlements/allowances and any remaining entitlements/allowances for travel and transportation of household goods terminates at that address. Otherwise, the extension also provides extended travel entitlements.

    (2) If the entitlement is due to expire within 15 calendar days, the Marine must contact CMC (LPD-2) for further instructions. In the event the 180th day has passed, Marines facing a hardship may request a reinstatement of their shipping entitlement to the CMC (LPD-2).

    (3) The PPO will provide the required support to assist Marines in requesting extensions of their entitlements. Marines will not be advised to contact the CMC (LPD-2) unless there are extenuating circumstances. In cases where continued medical treatment is the justification, a letter from the medical doctor providing the treatment must be included. The letter need only state that the Marine was under their care from a beginning date to an ending date. No diagnosis or other additional information is required in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA).

    (4) Hardship Extensions. JTR, par. 5320-G4 authorizes the Secretarial Process to consider extensions for hardship cases. Generally, hardship cases are considered for personnel suffering unemployment, significant financial difficulties, education and training, death/serious illness of an immediate family member and natural disaster. Other cases will be considered on a case by case basis by the CMC (LPD-2). When approved, extensions will not exceed 180 day increments.

    The Mailing Address for HQMC LPD is:
    Commandant of the Marine Corps
    3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
    Room 2E227 (LPD-2)
    Washington DC 20350-3000
    Phone Numbers: Telephone: DSN: 225-7765
    Comm: (703) 695-7765
    Fax: DSN: 225-8160
    Fax: Comm: (703) 695-8160
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