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DPS Frequently Asked Questions
  • How To Get Around the Site
    • We strongly recommend that you watch the video on the home page screen to get familiar with the site and its related processes. There is a separate video for DOD Service Members and Civilians, Personal Property Shipping Offices (PPSOs), and Transportation Service Providers (TSPs).
    • Move.Mil is not DPS, but is a portal where you request a password through Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA), and then log in to DPS at the top of the Move.Mil screen. Move.Mil is also a source of reference information for DOD Service Members/Civilians who are moving, PPSOs and TSPs. (From the home page, click anywhere you see these words to access the associated page.) Defense Personal Property System (DPS) is the web-based tool used to initiate and manage a Household Goods move. Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA) manages the password/access function for DPS.
  • Logging In
      • To access DPS, users must first register an account and obtain an ETA password:
      • DOD Service Members and Civilians: To complete registration from the Move.Mil home page or the DOD Service Members and Civilians page, click on 'DPS Registration' at the top of the screen. You must fill in the required information and select 5 Security Questions from a list of 15. You will have to wait up to 6 hours for the account to be posted to DPS.
      • You will receive an email with an HTTPS URL link. Click this link and answer 2 of the security questions you chose when you registered. Your password will then be displayed.
      • Log in by clicking 'DPS LOGIN' at the top of the page, and enter your user ID and password into the ETA authentication fields. You will need to respond to a CAPTCHA challenge, which requires you to type in a series of 5 characters displayed on the screen. This is to ensure you are a valid user, and not a computer. You have now logged into DPS!
      1. Open IE and click 'Tools' on the menu bar.
      2. Click 'Internet Options' within the 'General' tab.
      3. Click 'Delete Cookies'.
      4. Close all IE browsers.
      5. Open a new browser and go to
      6. Click 'DPS Login'.
    • ETA implemented a new and enhanced feature for DPS called CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer. When DPS users log into ETA they will be directed to a new screen and required to type in 5 characters displayed on the screen. Upon verification, the DPS user will continue to their requested page as before.
    • If you are unable to log into DPS, please ensure to turn off your pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer: Go to the Tools menu, Popup Blocker, and select "Turn off Pop-up Blocker".
  • Other Password-Related Questions
    • Click here: Forgot Password? (also found on the top of every page of this website..)
    • Yes. If you do not access your account within 45 days, you will receive a warning that your password will be locked within 15 days due to inactivity (60 days total inactivity). You then have 30 days to contact the DPS Administrator to restore your account. If you do not, your access to DPS will be deleted and you will need to re-register.
  • DOD PKI Root Certificates
    • A DOD Root certificate is a digital encrypted file that allows web browsers to trust the identity of a website such as DPS. DPS uses a certificate to identify itself to its users and to enable a secure connection.
    • No; however this will help you avoid Security Alert windows when you to go to secure communication websites such as DPS and other DOD websites. Future access to DOD web sites may require certificates.
    • If you receive "invalid certificate" message while trying to access DPS, perform the following steps to install DOD Root Certificate:
      1. Go to the following website
      2. Click the first link, Download Root CA 2 Certificate.
      3. Click the Open button.
      4. When the Certificate Manager Window opens click on the folder on the left.
      5. Double-click the Certificates folder on the left
      6. Scroll down to the bottom and double-click the last certificate on the right, DOD Root CA 2.
      7. Click the Install Certificate button.
      8. When the Import Wizards opens, click the Next button on the first page.
      9. On the second page, select "Place all certificates in the following store."
      10. Click the Browse button.
      11. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities.
      12. Click the OK button.
      13. Click the Next button.
      14. Click the Finish button.
      Once it tells you that the import was successful, you should be able to load DPS successfully.
  • Browser/Operating System Compatibility
    • DPS testers report:
      • Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7 for Internet Explorer 6/7/8
      • ** Other Browsers and Operating Systems have NOT been tested with DPS
      • Turn off the popup blocker.
    • In Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and select "turn off pop-up blocker".
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Regular System Maintenance

DPS is regularly unavailable the 3rd Friday of the month from 9:00 PM to Saturday 1:00 AM Central Time for routine system maintenance.