Official DPS Portal
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DPS Login / Registration
  • New Password
    1. Go to ETA homepage.
    2. Click "Need a new password?" (red text)
    If you are a DOD Service member or a civilian logging into DPS, your ETA userID is your SSN or EIN.
    If you are a PPSO or TSP, your userID was sent to you when you registered
  • Password Reset and security questions
    DPS user password will be reset based on answers to your security challenge questions. Once your responses have been validated, your password will be displayed on your screen (Be sure to capture this information). If you have not already submitted security questions, you will receive an e-mail with a HTTPS link to complete security questions prior to being able to reset your password.
  • DoD security policy establishes required password length and complexities
    If you are a military member, DOD civilian, or PPSO, you have an option to use either your Common Access Card (CAC) or password to access ETA. If you are a TSP, effective 1 October 2011 External Certificate Authority (ECA) is required for ETA access for users who don't have a Common Access Card (CAC) or Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) provided by the government.
DPS Status Dashboard
System is Available
System is up and running normally.

Regular System Maintenance

DPS is regularly unavailable the 3rd Friday of the month from 9:00 PM to Saturday 1:00 AM Central Time for routine system maintenance.