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  • System Response Center (SRC) - Userid/login, system error, or DPS application issues.
  • OCONUS users requiring toll free accesss to the SRC:
    OCONUS users requiring toll free accesss to the SRC: From a DOD installation phone with DSN access, dial 94 809-4-OFF-DSN (809-463-3376); once you receive a second dial tone, dial SRC's toll free number , 1-800-462-2176<
  • DPS Functional or Operational Questions - DPS shipment process issues.
    Contact your local Transportation Office, or search the Self Service Website FAQ's, or FAQ's on each tab of this site for support.
  • Electronic Transportation Acquisition ( ETA) Administration
    DPS userid/password or email address update help:
    DPS userid/password issues, please contact the SRC or ETA administrator.
    • If you are a PPSO or TSP, your userID was sent to you when you registered
  • website - Content issues such as broken links, spelling errors, etc.
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System is Available
System is up and running normally.

Regular System Maintenance

DPS is regularly unavailable the 3rd Friday of the month from 9:00 PM to Saturday 1:00 AM Central Time for routine system maintenance.